She's Arrived In Virginia

She's Arrived In Virginia

The trusty backpack was packed up and she was ready to go bright and early; excited, nervous, but ready.

She managed to pack a huge volume of clothing, plus toiletries, plus a computer and the necessary tech chargers in there.

This is her first time flying alone, and she was making me laugh as she said that all the years of trips and going through airports has gone out of her head.

She triple-checked that she had her passport and phone. Everything else is expendable.

We got to the airport 2 hours early so we relaxed in the lobby for awhile as she worked through the various emotions.

Eventually she was ready and off through security she went.

She texted me throughout the process as she got to her gate and onto the plane.

Seat 21A- right over the wing.
Seated next to a very nice woman reading a book.

The flight is a short 52 minutes so she was landing at Dulles by the time Buster and I got home after his Japanese class.

Ms. Paula was waiting to scoop her up at the airport.

A night of reunion, laughter, and preparation.


Tomorrow night the real adventure begins!!