CrossFit Open 24.1

CrossFit Open 24.1

We had our first workout of the CrossFit open yesterday. It was deceptively simple. Two movements we've done a million times before.

It was not simple.

I did the work out in the morning with Buds as my official judge. I got through 139 reps, meaning 10 reps completed in the last set of 15 burpees. It was really tough.

The main event was Friday night when groups of 8 people at a time did the workout. Buds went at 5:25 p.m. I had judged people in the previous heats, but our coach knows I have to be available to cheer for Buds during his workout.

He made the 50# DB look light.
It was a lot of burpees! (90!)

Having now done the workout and judged and watched a lot of people do the workout, we can say with clarity there was optimism for most at the beginning, and then somewhere in the midst of the first set of 21 burpees you can see the hope leave most people's bodies. It was a brutal slog of a workout.

Buds had a plan for himself and he stuck to it as best he was able. The burpees really did suck the soul out of everyone.

We were pushing him hard and he earned a finish of 14:47 and was grateful to get it.

The intensity of the 15 minutes gave way to the fun of the rest of the night. Cheering and judging other people doing this WOD was a pleasure. A full house filled with friends all understanding the pain you are going through as they shout your name to give you energy you didn't know you had. Buds has an ability to dig deep and gut through the pain, so people love to cheer for him.

I was so proud.

Relaxing with friends after the intensity settles.
The whole crowd.

Our friend Elainne got this cute shot, which I love.

Week 2 of the Open coming up next week!