Maudlin Monday-#1-Monkey Goes Swimming

Maudlin Monday-#1-Monkey Goes Swimming

A goal of mine is to write every day. This writing may or may not turn into a blog post, but it does allow me the time to look back over the years before the blog began (October 18, 2009) and consider the stories that haven't yet been told.

An assortment of folks have recently had or are having wee babies at our CrossFit. They aren't looking for advice, but may randomly ask in a tired voice, "It gets easier, right? They sleep better, right?" I want to offer to swoop in and hold the baby for hours so they can get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

It was more fun when friend Erinne told me that they were signing their new sweet baby up for swimming lessons. This brought back a rush of joyful memories for the Monkey and Dad swimming lessons in Altoona all those years ago.

These first pictures are from the hot tub we had on our front porch of the Little White House. The plan was for Monkey to be born in this hot tub, but since that didn't work out, she and Buds got in a few sessions to help settle her on particularly difficult evenings.

These are from August 21, 2002; she is 2 weeks old.

That pink little head.
Getting sleepy.
So relaxed.

Monkey did not put on weight in those early weeks and eventually I began taking medicine to help with that issue. It is with great delight that I look at these following pictures from February 2003 to see how healthy and happy she looks 8 months later. These are from the baby swimming class she and Buds took at the Y.

Ready to jump in that pool.
Happy to meet the instructor.
Look at those little arms. 😍😍 And that Buddie eyeball. 😆
Those cute little toothless gums.
This melts my heart.

Oh my gosh. Those sweet faces. These memories.

I think I'm going to like these maudlin posts.