A Likkety-Splikkety Visit With The Grandparents

A Likkety-Splikkety Visit With The Grandparents

We only had 2 nights, but we managed to pack in a lot of action.

Only a few hours after Aunt R. and our nephew headed back home, Buddie's parents arrived. There was time to say hello to Mocha and the kids, but then we headed out for some shopping.

We were excited for them to see Niblack's Spice Store, Rubino's Italian Market and Polska Chata, a Polish Grocery Store. Several items were purchased by all and we have plans to go back to Polska to try out the restaurant sometime soon.

At Rubino's we saw this cranky employee putting 150 mini cannoli into the giant cannoli. πŸ˜†

We had to be home in time for Buds and me to make it to 4:30 CrossFit, and we managed to squeeze in all that shopping.

On Saturday the 'rents joined us at CrossFit, making use of the balcony space overhead to watch and get in a few rounds of corn hole. Then we headed to the public market for more shopping and breakfast. We had talked about squeezing in the Museum of Play, but decided that could wait until a later trip. This ensured there was time for chats with kids and relaxing. Buster is the final family member to catch the cold that began with Buds several weeks ago, so he only popped his head out for short greetings. That's why he isn't in most of the pictures.

We had a delicious dinner of pierogies which we'd purchased at the various stores. Buster was thrilled with the Italian ice we brought him home from Rubino's to soothe his sore throat.

Then a little after 6 p.m., the parents, Buds, and I drove to the arena downtown for a professional lacrosse game! The Rochester Knighthawks lost to the Las Vegas Desert Dogs, but we had a great time experiencing our first indoor lacrosse game.

Sunday morning we visited at home until the weekly family phone call, then Buddie's parents headed out.

Chatting online with the other 3 siblings. Can you tell Buds had been naughty? 😁
We didn't wake Monkey for the final photo, but a good time was had by all over the weekend. Except Buster. He'll be glad when this cold takes its final bow.

Thanks for the visit! It was great.