Three Vital Questions

Three Vital Questions
Our drug of choice

Buds, Aunt R., and I walked to Hydra for coffee this morning. Another set of customers was a group of 30'ish-looking men. They were chatting and laughing, which is lovely, but I was curious to see one of them wearing a cross-body fanny pack that raised some questions. It was exactly this one.

"Axxholes Live Forever" Picture from Phuhroo.

He also had a single cigarette tucked behind one ear.

Buds and I discussed it on our way to do errands and arrived at the conclusion that it was hopefully a bachelor party and his friends dressed him with these items as a joke, and that these were not deliberate fashion decisions he had made.

Additionally, a fellow who stopped to ask us for some money for breakfast reassured us that he didn't want it for drugs because, "The only time I have used drugs was when I was in the Marines."

I guess we were reassured...

Anyway, discussing Mr. Drug Money lead us to a discussion about conversations you could have with your children about their potential life partners if you weren't really sure they were choosing the best person. You have concerns, but you can't just say that.

Here are the navigational questions we think indicate you're on the right path.

1) Can you be yourself with them?

This is the question Gina asked me 30 years ago when I was first telling Gina and Todd about having met Buds.

2) Do you laugh at the same things?

One of my favorite humans is married to a jerk with a nasty, mean sense of humor and it has always been that way. He has been repellant since day one.

3) Are they helping you be your best self?

Helping you up, holding you back, or pushing you down?

In a fanny pack callback; we decided Mr Fanny Pack deserved grace. Best wishes on your upcoming imaginary nuptials.