Organizing Joy

Organizing Joy
Piles to go before I sleep.

It gives me such comfort and joy to have things organized. A few weeks ago I got my clothing under control.

The sigh of delight every time I open this drawer...heavenly.

A few too many T-shirts.

The linen closet has been piling up and annoying me for months. The final poke was when Buds needed rubbing alcohol for putting together and cleaning a computer and we couldn't find it. We knew where we had last used it. I knew I had put it away, but we could not lay hands on it.

That annoys me.

Thanks to Yessa prodding us, we have recently completed redoing to book nook, so there was a place to put the overflow items from the linen closet.

I neglected to take a picture before I began, but imagine the top of the "dresser" overflowing with assorted items.



Sorted and labeled.

And the book nook looks sharp, too.