Buster's Gift

Buster's Gift
June 27, 2017

I have been looking back at drafts for posts that were never published and finding some gems.  I often have no recollection of these stories and if the draft isn't finished, unfinished it will have to stay. I don't remember writing this, although. I do remember Electra Maple.

Thanks, Buster, for those walks and all the love.

The original post follows:

Every morning, and sometimes also at night, Buster and I go for a 30-45 minute walk. On our walks he is spinning me a tale of adventure and treachery; good versus evil. My character, Electra Maple, has amazing abilities and few flaws. I’m the hero of the saga with the ability to transform into a dragon; traveling with comrades for whom I would die.

With his skill as a narrator, Buster has drawn me in completely. During this time, I stop thinking about my list of things to do, and the plans for the rest of the day. I AM Electra.

He’s given me the gift of adventure, but also the gift of being completely present.

Eventually this saga will end, and there may come a day when he no longer has the inclination to stroll with me, spinning a tale, so I’ll be grateful for these minutes and hours.

And I’m sure good will win out.