Thanks, Mica!

Thanks, Mica!

This is a long overdo thank you!

Dragonflies are amongst my favorite things. From the necklace I wear everyday that Buddie gifted me decades ago, to the ornaments in our garden and the images on our walls, I love them.

Towel hooks in the Nashville house.
Crafted by a friend.
Future tattoo inspiration

I was touched and surprised to hear from Jenny that Mica had found a gift for me. Not just the gift, but effort put into acquiring the gift. Mica had seen it at a craft fair, but the one the vendor was selling was broken, so Mica went to the effort of getting one that wasn't broken, which involved being in further contact with the vendor and meeting at a later date. Truly, above and beyond! (If I've got the story confused, Jenny, let me know the corrections. ๐Ÿ˜˜)

Then Jenny carried the gift home on a plane to Virginia where she then mailed it out to me.

When I opened the box, I cried. So perfect, so beautiful, so loving.

This dainty, delightful lantern has glowed with light on our mantel all through the dark months of winter.

Thank you, Mica, for such a thoughtful, heart-felt gift. I love it and you!