Museum of Play-Expanded!

Museum of Play-Expanded!

Buddie's parents gave us a membership to the Museum of Play for Christmas, and Monkey and I made use of it for the first time yesterday. There had been a big remodel completed since we were last there and it was great to see the changes.

We only stayed to play about 90 minutes because Monkey had school work, but we're looking forward to many more visits.

The new area

We created our own avatars and worked our way around the room playing games and gathering tokens for the avatar.

You may address me as my avatar name, if you'd like: Attractive Unicorn.

I got in some Mortal Kombat like in the good old days and they have a literal "button smasher" game the four of us played. (We were there with some new friends.)

In case you are wondering, Attractive Unicorn lost the button smasher game. 🫤

I was not sticking with "Hairy Robot" as my name! Luckily they let you choose a new name.
Huge screens and games we like.
Giant Kong!!

We did wander in the toy museum area and saw this new terror I didn't remember from previous visits.

"How do you play with sadness?"

Until next time, Link.