Squirrels Love Their Kisses

Squirrels Love Their Kisses
Master Criminal in disguise.

We were feeling pretty benevolent toward our squirrels. They have stayed out of the attic. They didn't chew off the faces of our jack-o-lanterns until we brought them to the backyard as an autumn surprise for them.

Looks cute. Actually a villain.

Should have been enough to keep them happy, right?

But I guess the furry little monsters heard about my friend April who treats her raccoons like royalty, and they decided we weren't giving them the lifestyle they deserve.

Waddle up to the bar, Wayne. April made us those gluten-free muffins you adore.
"Why yes, Mittens, this Bordeaux is excellent. Almost as fulsome as the Chianti she offers on Mondays."

Since our squirrels aren't getting baked goods and Bordeaux from us, they took matters into their own greedy little clutches.

They started stealing from the stash we keep out front for the delivery folks.

The note I put out for the humans to find the snacks. I hope the squirrels can't read.

I suspected the situation when the bowl of kisses and caramels was knocked over and half empty.

Then we found evidence with their dirty paw prints all over it.

A caramel wrapper in the yard of the house next door.

Theft AND littering!
Brownie evidence from the driveway.

So now the snacks are in a cooler on the front porch.

We won't be thwarted by tiny little tyrants. Nor do we want to be responsible for their cardiac arrests and inability to squeeze into their nests after one too many Hersheys kisses.

The day I moved the snacks into the cooler, the attempted intimidation began. We looked out the back window to see this fellow peering in.

Getting closer...

We want give in to their scare tactics. And I hope they don't learn to unzip zippers.