First Visit A Success!

First Visit A Success!

Buddie’s parents were our first visitors and a delightful weekend was much enjoyed.

They arrived on Friday afternoon after their short-ish 6 hour drive, bearing birthday presents, maple syrup, cheese, and a puzzle to remind us all of the hoped for Gem-Fest in Italy next summer.

We learned how much we love having the seating overlooking the stove and everyone would be great on their own cooking show.

Buddie’s dad grew up here and on Saturday we went for a long walk around town as well as driving by his high school. It was a treat to have him share memories and stories.

Games, laughter, Mocha appearing anywhere there was laughter, and some snow, made for a lovely weekend.

Buddie’s mom tried out the electric bike on a slippery morning.

Saturday night brought a combined Yessa’s delayed birthday/Holiday/Celebration dinner. Delicious food prepared by many hands and lots of sharing and stories made it my favorite part of the weekend.

Sunday afternoon brought an end to their trip, and we grabbed some quick photos in front of the tree before they were off.

We got Monkey to chortle.

The first of many, many visits to come.