The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

Kate tried out something new by auditioning for community theater this summer. This was a stretch, and she nailed it, earning the spot of Annabeth Chase, the female lead in the play, "The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson The Musical."

Yessa and I loaded up and headed out early to get there for the weekend of hanging with our Virginia family and cheering for Kate, Yessa deciding she wanted to start out the drive for us.

Let's get this driving started.

It was a beautiful morning, though as soon as she finished her stint, the fog rolled in.

You can see it starting to roll toward us.

I did laugh that I caught this "tongue-out-for-concentration" shot. Yessa has done this her whole life, as has Monkey, as have I, as did my Grandma Frosty.

Love the homemade tattoo "sleeves."

I digress.

We made good time on the drive, and settled in with our loved ones.

Kate is so busy on these production days, we soaked up any time we could when she was home, but it wasn't nearly enough. I did get time to visit with her to talk about the stage combat she had to learn for this musical. Annabeth carries a dagger, making fighting other characters who carried swords more difficult and dangerous.

Another new aspect of this community theater was one set of cast members played the lead one weekend, while the other group were understudies, and they would switch the following weekend. We, of course, went on the weekend Kate was the lead, and she talked about how a worst nightmare would be having to do the play with people she hasn't practiced stage combat with. (Foreshadowing alert.) Of course, they learned the same choreography for the scenes, but it would still be difficult.

Welp, the actor playing Percy Jackson, the one Kate had been practicing with for weeks, fell and broke their wrist very early in the play. They fell backwards in a stage fall, and landed just wrong. The understudy stepped in, and the play went on. The entire cast handled it beautifully, and the play was fantastic. Still, difficult and upsetting for everyone.

Waiting for the understudy to arrive.
I love the joyful body language on Kate in this one.
Rocking the night away.

I got to go to see Bets play in summer field hockey league, which I loved. I think we got sushi, and Kel and I got in a walk or two. The time flew by, as always.

Picture with Kate while we had the chance.
On our way home.

The time goes so quickly.