Out of Town

Out of Town
Death Seizes a Woman, from the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

This is a throwback post, recycled from the compost heap of our backlog. I write in the past and present tense simultaneously.

The date was March 2023.

I’m out of town at the first alljuice get together in 4 years. Man, time moves fast.

It’s our first time apart in several years of pandemic. Foreshadowing, given that we've now been apart for most of two months.

Hey hey

Let's leap to the now.

I'm married to someone with a healthy relationship to mortality. Like Vizzini, she spends a lot of time contemplating death.

If you're like me, you don't spend a lot of time contemplating your end. But she's not like me, so I know exactly where to find this doc in the files so I'll have a comprehensively organized 14 tab spreadsheet in the event of the impossible.

We are both compulsive planners and enjoy the act for its own sake. She just wants my life to be easy. How can I complain.