Three Car Garage

Three Car Garage

We are in Iowa helping Ginnie's Mom. She lives in a new development called Tuscany.

Tuscany at sunset

A broad expanse of glassy concrete streets, each home generously bedecked with pastoral symbols and flowers in pots out front.

The houses offer two car practicality or three car ambitions.

The mailboxes are all on the street. At first I wasn't sure what to think of this because our mail carrier working up and down the street is such a classic part of our Rochester experience. But I like it; it's important to get people out of their houses and to find interaction and support.

And support should be the heart of an Iowan. Neighbors have been stout during this time when Babs needed it. They water plants, care for cats, share Wordle scores, and bring over baked treats.

Shared mailboxes

But the lawn too is treated.

Treated. Keep off.

And this I'm not a fan of. The lawns identically short; the street shining concrete and white. The garage doors mostly shut. There's no room for the woodchuck here, the squirrel, the racoon, the feral cat.