Yup, it is what it looks like.

Buds and I went out for dinner with Renee and Vic to Ox and Stone. It was the night my mom had fallen and we were waiting to hear how her trip to the ER turned out. Having dinner with comfortable friends who understood why my phone was sitting on the table, ready to be answered, helped to make me feel safe and it passed the time with laughter and stories.

We chose several dishes to share, but Buds and I had seen that crickets were on the menu when we perused the website earlier in the day, and were keen to try them.

Crunchy, and the dipping sauce was delicious. I'm pretty sure crickets aren't vegan, but I wasn't going to miss the chance to try them.

Would I need to try them again? Nope.

Was I glad I tried them? Yup!

Did I wonder if they ran down to the local pet store and purchased them there? A little.

It was fun to try them though, especially with the good company.

We also had regular food to share.

Food and drinks were delicious, the bike ride there magical. (Renee and Vic on their motorcycle, which is equally as cool.)

It was getting dark as we biked home, so Buds was even willing to wear his reflective vest.

In case you couldn't tell; we're in love with this town.