Europe Trip #2 – July 1, 2022 – What Goes Up Must Come Down [Gallery]

Europe Trip #2 – July 1, 2022 – What Goes Up Must Come Down [Gallery]

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While Ginnie and ~Red~ Blonde were off discovering new ways to consume coffee, Yessa and I were diving back into Cinque Terra to tackle the Azure Trail between Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

Difficulty level: simple

Because this trail was so “simple”, I guess we decided to zoosh it up a bit by taking scarcely any water. I wasn’t really paying attention when the trail was discussed so I got there with a positive attitude and 750ml. Yessa had opted-in at the last moment to spend time with family and was aqua lite.

Vernazza is probably the most picturesque of the Cinque Terra and looks just like the town in the Pixar movie Luca.

Plagarising reality!

After pushing through a mosh pit of tourists in Vernazza we found the head of the trail. Unfortunately we soon ran up against a till. Cinque Terra charges a 7.45E fee for use of the trails. I’m certain they earn more from that in beer sales when the tired hikers come out of the hills.

Anyway, fee paid, we went up. And up, and up. Like a slow plane taking off, Vernazza grew smaller below us. The sun shone, the lizards scuttled. We stuck close to Nonni and Poppy sharing water, rest, and shade. Eventually we reached cruising altitude of 170m above the Med, moving through the ridgeline between the towns.

The water glinted beneath us, busy ferries carrying cameras and the people attached to them, pleasure craft doing donuts in the sea. Conversation wandered to scams we have seen (remember Ivan!) and fallen for, or not fallen for…

Eventually we reached a spiraling descent down into Monterosso al Mare. This side of the trail had stairs (550 of them). Was this better? Would you rather climb endless stairs or endless trail? Then we were back to a dazzling overlook

We treated ourselves to a glorious lunch of seafood and beers. Yessa had mussels for the first time and thought this was one of the best meals of her life. My Dad and I agreed on the glory of a blonde Italian beer in a big glass.

Here are the pics.