Europe Trip #2 - July 1, 2022 - Half Of The Story

Europe Trip #2 - July 1, 2022 - Half Of The Story

Each time I awakened in the night after midnight, I snuggled up to Buds to tell him “Happy Anniversary.” Twenty-seven years has seemed like a minute with this person I love and respect.

For this last day of Gem-Fest, we decided to split up. Buds and Yessa went with other members of the family for a good hike. Buds will post about that later.

Monkey and I teamed up with different family members to have a leisurely day in Levanto. Buster stayed at home to charge his battery for the train and plane travel tomorrow.

We strolled all over the city, stopping in any shops that looked interesting.

Monkey was enjoying looking for a pair of earrings in a certain shop so we waved to the rest of the group as they meandered to the next shops.

After she found just the right pair of earrings, we had a lovely stroll up down and all around this beach town. We walked on streets we’d never seen and chatted and planned and connected.

When we got hungry we chose a restaurant with great reviews and made our way there. We had a delicious lunch sitting outside under the shady umbrellas, enjoying the breeze.

Salad hit the spot.
The walnut cream sauce was a hit. 😁

We truly dined in the Italian sense. Taking our time, savoring the parts, chatting, and watching the people go by.

After our relaxing meal, we strolled some more then Monkey requested a final granite from the place we all liked best. When I discovered they had caffe crema, I decided I needed a cold treat, too.

Our favorite granite place

We grabbed a few groceries then caught the taxi home because it gave me a chance to schedule Mariko picking us up to take us to the train station in the morning.

Relaxing and people watching while taxi waiting.

It was a great way to end our time here. We aren’t really a beach family, but this beach town has treated us great.