Europe Trip #1 - April 7, 2022 - Vienna to Salzburg

Europe Trip #1 - April 7, 2022 - Vienna to Salzburg

Writing this over 2 months later means I’m counting on the pictures to fill in the memories. Those of you who were along, feel free to add in extra insights in the comments.

Buds and I popped over for a last grocery store run with Monkey before we caught the train to Salzburg.

So excited for her, but I cried a little as she walked away.

Back at the apartment, the steps of packing up were progressing.

One backpack, two backpack…

It was a little tough on Buster to have his main travel buddy gone for the next few days, so Buds and I made sure to get some extra time enjoying his company.

The Trips needed one last stop at their gelato spot before we headed to the train.

Up to the tracks.

Water baby was a good travel companion.

Settled in our seats.

Salzburg is extremely proud of (or at least very willing to capitalize on) their Mozart connection.

No idea what I’m doing here.

After we each found our housing (We were in two different locations in Salzburg.), the adults met up for a little outing on our own.

K,P, K, B’s hotel.

A few beverages

As you can see from our attire, it was a bit of a brisk night. I was grateful for the pile of blankets and cushions to help us stay toasty warm outside.

The place where we went for drinks was one Kel and Paula had been to before that had been in the same family for generations.

After we laughed and told stories and downed our beers, we headed off to sleep, safe under the protection of the Festung.