Europe Trip #1 - April 4, 2022 - Vienna Day 1

Europe Trip #1 - April 4, 2022 - Vienna Day 1

Most of the day was consumed by the train ride from Munich to Vienna. Great train ride and many postcards written.

Mail on the way.

Waiting for the adults to figure out where we need to go to get to our apartment.

What makes me smile about this picture is that we didn’t realize it at the time, but Monkey’s apartment is in the building right behind them. Sometimes you have to take the long way home.

We settled Monkey in her apartment, Yessa went with the K,P,K,B crew to have Italian for dinner, Buster settled in to enjoy the gorgeous new space, and then our first night was through.

Post upcoming about our beautiful Vienna apartment, but I will say that when we walked in, we were all thrilled.