Europe Trip #1 – April 2, 2022 – Munich Day 2

Europe Trip #1 – April 2, 2022 – Munich Day 2

We’ve quickly discovered that the blog is getting away from us. There is so much going on each day it all runs together so quickly if we don’t jot it down soon after it happens.

Munich Day 2 is just such a day. It is only thanks to pictures that I can reconstruct the day.

Buds and I were up and out to find coffee to get things rolling.

It had snowed in the night and it was a blustery day.

We had planned to go for a walk with Kelly’s friend Franz, but instead he showed up with a beautiful assortment of foods for people to enjoy from a local farmers market.

We had a relaxed morning then headed out to find some lunch in the market. Kelly, Paula, and the three youngest girls boarded public transportation for the trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp. I was thankful they were glad to take Yessa with them.

This was the day Buds and I had our Eataly explosion, and that’s only commemorated by a picture of some pastry options.

After we had started the process of healing our rift we agreed to head to the Deutschesmuseum Verkehrszentrum aka The Richard Scarry Museum of Zoom Zoom. 

Things That Go

There is a certain feel to some museums. Museums that feel like one person’s personal passion is behind the project/experience. Nashville’s “Cool Car Collection” Museum has this feel. The “Parade Float” Museum also has it.

The “Zoom Zoom” Museum felt just this way to us when we walked in. Huge open spaces with bright shiny vehicles. Children and parents wandering around, reading and playing and enjoying.

The snail that greets you on your way into the “Zoom Zoom” Museum. Ironic, huh.
Such beautiful tickets

It makes me smile to acknowledge no matter our age, no matter if we commute to work on the metro every day, stepping onto a replica of the train; pristine and peaceful, it’s exciting and fun.

Standing in a train, taking a picture. After having been on trains all morning.
An old train ticket vending machine. You had to crank for your ticket.

I love having a visual to go with things I read. It’s one of my favorite parts of traveling. Hansom cabs show up often in many books I love. (Sherlock Holmes, anyone?) Now I know what they look like. 

The Hansom

One of the great things about traveling with Paula is that she notices things. The architecture, the posters, the names of places. It reminds me to notice different things than I normally would, too.

She had just mentioned the symbol of Munich the day before, so seeing this display stuck with me more than it would have without her.

After wandering around the Zoom Zoom, we realized our feet were really tired, so let’s zoom zoom our way home. 

An empty bus. The driver needed a break.
Us on a bus.

A quick stop at the grocery store, some time hanging out together, a few last late night laughs and snuggles, and that was a wrap for Day 2.