Europe Trip #1 - March 31, 2022 - Step Two- The First Flight

Europe Trip #1 - March 31, 2022 - Step Two- The First Flight

This post started on Thursday afternoon. Finishing it up on Saturday night.

Thursday at 3 p.m.: Lyft to the airport arriving shortly. K, P, B, K just left for their direct flight which leaves an hour before our Dulles-Frankfurt-Munich two-hopper.

Excitement mounting.

Buds spent the morning working with a former co-worker and he’ll meet us at the airport.

Our first Lyft ride to the airport got cancelled seven minutes before it was to arrive, so we had an additional 35 minute wait for our ride, but we had planned for wrinkles so we had plenty of time built in.

Buds met us outside the airport and we cruised through security.

We loaded up the plane and I was tickled to see that our seats had been upgraded. (At least for the three ladies.) I had paid to reserve our seats to ensure we were all together, but I didn’t pay to get more leg room since we aren’t a super tall family. For some reason the airline moved us up to right behind business class with Buster and Buds in the row right behind.

Business class right there. Seats that fold flat. 🤯
Our own little video screens and all the leg room.
Here comes our first day in Germany.

We were blissfully unaware of the Frankfurt floofs ahead and simply excited to be in Europe.