Europe Trip #1 – April 1, 2022 – Munich Day 1: "Dead Man Walking"

Europe Trip #1 – April 1, 2022 – Munich Day 1: "Dead Man Walking"

Note: This post contains video. You, gentle reader on email, will be unable to see it but rest assured if you click through you’ll get it.

We headed out to exercise our metro card, find some snacks, and stay busy until at least 7pm.

Back down to Marienplatz (Mar-een-platz), the touristy, old-town center of Munich where we found a lovely market.

Fortifying ourselves against sleepiness

Potato specialist

We hopped on a bus to see where that would lead and it led to one of our favorite stores, Aldi. Did this Aldi have the robot bread dispenser that we found last time? Kind-of. You can almost hear our sad trombones of disappointment in this video, but we were still impressed by Germany’s commitment to carbs.

We made it back to K+P then decided the perfect capper to the night would be to borrow the energy of strangers to reach 7pm.

We headed back to Mar-een-platz to kitsch it up at Hofbräuhaus. Hofbräuhaus is a legendary state-owned beer-hall in Munich. You know the song: “There’s a Hofbräuhaus in Munich—one, two, down the hatch” 🎶📯🎶?  If you don’t know the song, you should learn it because everyone at that place certainly knew it.

We were clearly in the right place as we followed a pack of lederhosen clad Germans in. Hofbräuhaus was 3G, which is German code for hard-core checking of Covid vaccination status. But once past the checkers, we were in a old-timey land of massive tables, waitresses in dirndls, massive steins, oompapa-band-oompapa-loompapa-ing (to the immense enthusiasm of the crowd).

A blurry photo
Things get blurry

Big steins
Big steins

One round of steins conquered, we congratulated ourselves on the way home (party animals!) and then made it to bed secure in the knowledge that nothing, nay not a thing, could stir us til daybreak of day 2. More of that story shortly.