Bringing Up Avonlea

Bringing Up Avonlea

Avonlea needed some items taken care of to bring her up to our standards. We’ve had many contractors in and out over the last couple months, with a brief lull coming as we focus on our upcoming trip.

We’ve got a new electrical panel, the electrical meter is now outside instead of in the basement, and the new water heater just went in today.

Spacious and safe.

I don’t have to submit the readings anymore.

We’ve now got a weather cap and we’re properly grounded.

Turns out our outside line had degraded and our electrician had big eyes when he told us how poorly that could have gone.

I’m always amazed at the non-stories that make up so much of our lives. It could have gone poorly with those 5000 volts, but it didn’t.

Old. Gassy.

New. Sassy.

The old faucet was leaking under the sink and I couldn’t get replacement parts, so yesterday I installed a new faucet.


It tried to give me guff, so I decided to Medusa it to show it who was boss.

Surprisingly easy to slice through.


When Buster came down and saw the new faucet he said, “Don’t we know someone who has that same faucet?”

“Us,” I said. “That’s the exact faucet I put in in the old house.”

“The exact same faucet, or like the old faucet?”

I live with such literal comedians.

Several projects still to come, but this old house is looking pretty grand.