Old timey this, Old timey that

Old timey this, Old timey that

We’ve been learning about the house and the neighborhood’s history. In the 60s and 70s, an Orthodox Jewish community thrived here–Congregation Beth Shalom is just down the street. Our neighbor to the right grew up here and speaks German. His dad was a German prisoner at Stalingrad and walked home from central Russia after the war (as a baker, he was deemed useless to the rebuilding effort, had he been more useful he might not have made it home).

Like our neighbors dad, this house has seen some things. It was a teenager during the Great War. Let’s start with electricity. While the electric has been refurbished by the prior owners, there remain plenty of remnants of the early days of electrification.

A densely packed old school outlet. Pretty sure this is disconnected.

Push button convenience

A servant’s bell?

This kitchen switch includes a magic eight ball (function unknown)

The house includes some incredible long-lived stained glass windows. Each door is framed by a glorious six inches of thick wooden framing.

The dining room has an elegant Cthulu-octopus orb with flowered detached batwings

The stairs offer frosted privacy with one singular clear eye

Aladdin’s lamp flavor 1 (living room)

Aladdin’s lamp flavor 2 (office)

Pocket doors

The HVAC warms the house quickly. While we feared the windows would be thin and leach heat from the house, so far they’ve been fine.

Air returns through several huge wooden grates in the floor.

Air outlets are filigreed metal in the floor

Or a metal gateway in the wall

We’ll keep learning, stay tuned.