Early Memories

Early Memories

There are several aspects of these early days in Rochester I don’t want to lose.

Each morning we check in with each other to see how cold people were in their sleep the night before. Yessa, Monkey, and I seem to be the ones who are sleeping in the most layers of clothing. Air mattresses and cots are not inherently warm, and we’re still figuring out how this house handles heat, plus we all like our spaces to be a little cold.

I’ve been wearing at least two layers of pants everywhere. And multiple layers of shirts.

We’ve had snow every day we’ve been here so far.

We’ve met multiple neighbors and the former owners left us a lovely long letter sharing details about the house and the neighbors and their dogs.

Buster is not a fan of creaky floors and doors that don’t close and bathrooms without locks. Some of that we can remedy.

If Alison and Bob end up being our friends, I want to note that today is the day we met them outside the bakery and chatted for 20 minutes, all thanks to their interest in the e-bike. (Score 1 for Buds. 😁) We exchanged numbers and they love to play cards, so it seems promising.

Finally, our dream of living somewhere we can truly walk and bike for many essentials is proving to be true. Buds biked to the co-op today and it was faster, or at least as fast and less hassle, than driving would have been. And this afternoon we needed more paper towels for cleaning. We walked down to the Cobb Hill Market to see what they had, but it turns out it is a place for drinks and food only.

Buds said, “Let’s just walk the other direction to see what we find for somewhere to buy paper towels.”

Three blocks down was a little local convenience store that had exactly what we needed.

We felt so smuggly thrilled.

The items that had been loaded in the van.

The items loaded in the Fit, not including the e-bike.

An example of our sleeping arrangements.

First meal from Chester Cab Pizza.

No idea how long this honeymoon period will last, but I’m loving it.