Updates and Book Shelves

Updates and Book Shelves

Thank you for the loving support and kind words and excitement you’ve been sending our way.

Lots of folks have been asking about timing, so I thought I’d do a general update.

Packing is going well here. If it weren’t for the 25 boxes of books, it would feel like we don’t actually have that much stuff.

This will be the first time since we bought our very first home 25 years ago that we are moving into a home without a plan for bookcases. (Other than the year in the little white house while we waited for the big yellow house to be built.)

We do have a vision of putting up a little free library in our front yard to share books with our neighbors. That means our book shelves will be in other people’s homes. 🤔

The closing on the Rochester home is tentatively set for November 19. We’ll sign the paperwork here in Nashville, driving North sometime the following week.

The weeks ahead hold more packing, then a flurry of activity as we load the moving pods that will carry all our things, moving ourselves to the basement apartment so that the upstairs may be readied for potential new home buyers to wander through, and celebrating Yessa’s 15th birthday. She doesn’t want much of a celebration down here, preferring to wait until we are all together in the new house for the real celebrating.

And getting snow tires put on the van.

The house is a maze of boxes and I’ve not slept well for weeks, but overall everyone’s in good spirits and excited about our “next.” We’re trying to get time with our loved ones in Nashville, but also know we’re plan to see all of them many times in the years ahead.

Writing this has reminded me how much I’ve loved our bookcases over the years, so I dug up photos.

Happy reading. 💕💕

The bookshelves Buds built for our very first home on Asher Street in Lafayette, Indiana. This was also our first Christmas tree we cut down together with Kelly and Tony and Todd and Gina and the kids. 🥰
The bookshelves in our condo in Delaware.
The little white house didn’t have much space, but we had books everywhere we could.
The spriteling loved reading…and redecorating. 😁
How I loved the bookcases
in the big yellow house.
Much like in these pictures, the shelves of books were always there in the background; comforting, solid, beautiful.
And then the move to the townhouse in Virginia.

The library started out in Monkey’s Pepto Bismol pink room, but Jenny helped me undertake the Herculean task of moving them to the dining room, which became our library.

That room held so much joy.

And finally to Nashville.

Again, the library watching over it all.

The Rochester life is going to be different, as each new place has been. I’m excited to see where we find our joy there.