So Long, Sweet Cluckers

So Long, Sweet Cluckers

Though I’m so grateful for the loving friend who is giving the chickens their new home, I’m melancholy tonight as I look out on the empty backyard.

Ms. Malinda, Yessa’s piano teacher, gifted us the chickens, and all has come full circle as Hensy and Ilhen will spend the rest of their days with her chickens on her homestead.

Ms. M, her husband, and his brother drove trucks and trailer over this morning to load up the coop and cage and the assorted items we won’t be using in the new home that we were glad to share with them.

It was a delight to get to meet the gentlemen, and Buds and I had to laugh when we learned husband Adam’s profession. As a UPS driver who sometimes has a route in our area he looked at us and said, “You do CrossFit, don’t you? I sometimes see you out here.”


It took a couple hours to break things down and load them up.

The chickens have been molting, and we were laughing about whether or not they’d have any feathers left by the time they got to the farm.

Ready to ride.

Malinda was kind enough to send pictures to show they did.

They have their own little coop right now where they can see and be seen by the rest of the flock. And by about three months from now they’ll be fully integrated.

They are the only buff Orpingtons she has, so she’ll be able to send us updates.

Sad, but glad. Holding the spectrum of emotions in hand.

Gosh it was a joy to have them as pets. I’m so glad we took the leap.