Buster's Birthday #17

Buster's Birthday #17

Buster had clear preferences for his birthday; DeSano’s Pizza, Super Smash with his family, and ice cream.

All of those happened along with presents, laughter, calls and texts from loved ones telling him Happy Birthday.

Seventeen and taller than us both, but still able to fold those long legs up for a ‘nuggle.

Pizza is served.

Some of the gifts in action.

Gratuitous shot of my one victory ever.

Family laughter and connection.

Later in the night, Buster, Buds, and I watched Kong Vs. Godzilla, and that was a brainless romp with Buster frequently asking, “Why are there still people on the street? Why are there still people in those buildings? Why are people on those boats?! They knew Godzilla was coming!!”

It was funny all around.

Happiest of birthdays, Middle Child. Your loving, gentle, musical heart makes our lives, and the world, better.