So Different, Yet So Aligned

So Different, Yet So Aligned

Buds and I have had two funny conversations in the last two days that remind me how very differently our brains work, and yet we seem to align so perfectly.

Last night he was telling me of his running workout yesterday and explaining to me that he would “run for .25 miles, then walk for .05 miles.”

I stopped his explanation.

“You what?”

“I would run for .25 miles, then walk for .05.”

I looked at him with a look of confusion.

“What are you even talking about? What does that even mean?!”

He responded with, “Are you serious that numbers mean nothing to you?”


Then this morning, to pass the time as we were doing our stretching I had a question for him. I’m still floating high with the joy of making new friends and meeting all sorts of new people on election day.

“Because I love to understand how your brain works, since it is obviously so different than mine…if you never made any new friends, that would be okay with you?”

His first response, “I have you for a friend.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I’m your friend, but what about new friends.”

“Do I get to keep my friends I have now?”

“Yes. You get to keep the friends you have now.”

“Then when do we start this system? Great idea!”

Then we cracked up at how true, and how funny it was.

He’s goofy and I love him.