Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020

Just as all traditions have had to have a 2020 update, Halloween was no different. We kept some old and added some new.

Buds and I started the day with workouts and planting honeysuckle at church. (I bought some native honeysuckle pre-chickens, and then learned the berries were poisonous to the cluckers.)

Still Spring Garden at our church is an outdoor sanctuary and haven. There are paths to hike up into the hills next to the church and the stone that tells the names of those whose ashes have been spread in the memorial garden. Buds and I enjoyed the chance to put in the honeysuckle.

We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a burrito and tacos from our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Victor’s. We laughed and planned, as we love to do.

Then we popped to Best Buy to pick up Mom’s new computer; a treat for her and for Buds.

After we got back home, I hid the children’s chosen candy in the basement apartment for them to hunt for in lieu of trick-or-treating.

He was the stem to their pumpkin. 😍

Then there was treat sorting, trading, and bartering:

I love to hear them laughing together.

There was a family gathering at church that evening, including roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, with mask decorating and crepe flower creation. Each family had its own circle, and if you left your circle your mask was required. The children were not thrilled about going, but attended with good attitudes since we so seldom insist on outings. We wanted to support the church folks who worked hard to bring all of this together, plus we don’t want anyone to fear going out. Healthy respect and following safety guidelines are the goal, and we did those things.

I love seeing the faces of these people I love, but still quickly tire of the oddity of trying talk about personal, honest things from 6+ feet apart, behind masks.

It did give Monkey and Buster a chance to wear their capes.

And finally home for the night, to continue our annual tradition of watching a movie. The last few years it has been “Hocus Pocus,” but this year we tried out “The Haunted Mansion” which made us laugh.

It was a “practically perfect in every way” Halloween.