My Girl Been Doin' CrossFit

My Girl Been Doin' CrossFit

About this time 10 years ago, Buds would have been able to quote this song:

He was still “getting in shape” to go to CrossFit, and would take the beginner class in about 3 weeks. I had been going for about a week, and was moaning and groaning as I walked up and down stairs in our condo.

We haven’t always been consistent, but the base is always there and we’re grateful for what it’s taught us about our bodies, strength, and endurance. We’ve met people around the world, and made friends we would have had no other way of meeting.

And with the ousting of the original CEO (He Who Shall Not Be Named), we’re proud to say once again that, “We’re CrossFitters.”

Happy CrossFitversary, Buddie. May we have many more decades of lifting and sweating together.

It made the Ireland trip even more memorable.

We drug the kids to all sorts of events.

Yessa was my devoted counter for Murph.

His shirt says, “Codes well with others.”

A surprise gift for Buds.

Ropes and rows across the years.

I love working out with my tribe.

He’s very flexxy.