10/10 Would Eat Here Again...

10/10 Would Eat Here Again...

This is what Buds and I assume the Yelp review for mice says about us:

10 cheeses: Peanut butter is creamy and the ride after the delightful meal was a joy.

10 cheeses: Lovely view as I was carried to a glorious open field to be released.

2 cheeses: Exit door would not open. Had to thrash around.

8 cheeses: Faint whiff of previous occupant’s tiny little turds in chamber. Peanut butter as smooth as I hoped.

The first mouse was caught the morning Yessa and I left for Iowa. Buds has since had the opportunity to give 6 more mice the airlift to freedom.

Buds joked (I think he was joking.) that he is going to dab a small spot of fingernail polish on them before releasing to ensure it’s not the same mouse coming back day after day after day.

These have all been caught out in the garage, and we’ve purged the garage of all available food stores.

Good bye to my native wildflower seeds, waiting to be spread in the Fall.

And do you know what juggling balls like these are filled with?

Chia seeds. The mouse enjoyed them based on the fecal remains. 😁

Buddie continues to indulge my need not to kill things if we can help it, but even I admit this is getting a little ridiculous.

We can also admit watching this little critter when it realizes it’s free is a joy.