Twilight Hike

Twilight Hike

Yessa had an afternoon math class yesterday, so we adjusted our hiking plans accordingly. Buddie wanted to get in 5 miles, so he left early to get a loop done on the blue trail, and Yessa, Mocha, and I joined him after her class was over for his second loop.

This meant we were hiking as we headed toward sunset, which we hadn’t done in a long time. It was the perfect weather for hiking. We were sweating, but it was comfortable and the light was dappled and golden.

We had Mocha in her harness which helped with her pulling some, and certainly put less strain on her neck.

Buddie is on call for this week, so he had his computer with him in his backpack (seen in the picture above) in case an alert came through that had to be dealt with. I was slightly sorry he didn’t have to deal with an issue because a picture of him, sitting on the ground in the woods, setting up a hotspot, with his computer on his lap as people hiked back with looks of confusion on their faces…priceless.

At Yessa’s suggestion, wee stopped by her tree to take a picture in our masks for future reference.

Having photographer Yessa along ensures we get all sorts of beautiful shots.

She and I saw our local hang glider on our way home toward the gorgeous sunset.

It was a wonderful night for a walk in the woods.