It Must Be Love

It Must Be Love

As Buds and I headed out on our morning Mocha walk, he stopped to grin at me and said, “You are just so darn sparkly and cute this morning.”

Knowing that that I had just rolled out of bed, that I was still wearing my pajamas, that I had tossed my hair into a crazy “get out of my face” top tail, I agreed to the picture he wanted to take.

Because when your best friend tells you that you look cute and sparkly, you believe them.

Later in the morning, when I was having virtual coffee with Teresa, still in my pjs, Buds chose to go sit by the chickens to have his early morning meeting, rather than asking me to vacate the front room so he could be at his desk.

This generosity of spirit and loving kindness…I love this person so utterly, totally, deeply.

This is a much more personal post than typical, but Yessa and I are heading to Iowa tomorrow and the time apart is weighing on me.

Much like Mocha, I prefer when all my humans are together in one place. (Yes, Kelly. I know you do, too. 😘)