When Nature Pays a Visit

When Nature Pays a Visit

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Two interesting things today:

Buds and I were waiting for a friend to pick up some things, which gave us time to hang out down by the garden. As we were visiting to pass the time, Buds cried out, “See the butterfly?!”

The pollinators have been in short supply so far this year. Not very many bees, very few moths, and only one butterfly so far.

To see another butterfly, and to have it be a Monarch, noticing the common milkweed I have planted all over the front garden, sent me into waves of joy.

See those royal wings?!

The second item was the two birds that were thwarted in their nest building plans.

We have two screens on one of our sets of French doors. The outside screen had slipped a little, making the birds think there was a protected space where they could set up housekeeping between the screens.

Buds and I were working in the living room when Buds said, “There are two birds inside the screen.”

They had managed to bring a few loads of twigs in to begin construction, but knowing this was a terrible place for them to build, once they flew off, I popped out on the deck and fixed the screen so they couldn’t get back into the space.

Notice the bits of twigs in its beak.

I felt bad for them, but know they will be better off building elsewhere.

Yessa was laughing at my voice in the video. “You really do sound so sorry, Mama.”

I really am.

Now I’m laughing at thinking of them griping to each other.

“I TOLD you this was a bad neighborhood!”

“That goldfinch said we could never afford to live here, but noooo, you said, ‘I found a great deal on a place.'”