Cluckdate #5

Cluckdate #5

The chicks turned three weeks old yesterday, and they are going strong. They are still in their gangly teen phase, but they get a little less gawky each day.

They enjoy cheeping around on the floor, being held, and looking all over and around.

Everyone takes part in helping with their cleaning (even guests, thanks, B & K.), and it’s been a smooth transition.

Next up will be moving them from the bathroom to their intermediate condo in the garage. The need for supplemental heat is much diminished, so we won’t need to use anything but the “brooder heater.”

We’re really enjoying having them around. As I read more about how to care for them, I’m realizing how many dumb ways to die there are for chickens.

For your enjoyment and our memory jogging, here are the first few weeks with the chicks. Note how they turn from balls of fluff into critters with actual feathers and the beautiful shading of their golden plumes.

Bringing them home.

Pretending to be brave after encounter with ant.

And a few videos of how they’ve grown:

Next updates to include their first time outdoors and moving to their garage apartment.