More Mocha

More Mocha

Since many of you would normally have met and played with this pupper already, it behooves me to keep you updated about what a good doggo she is, since you can’t decide for yourselves.


1) She very much likes to give kisses.

2) Thanks to Paula, I now know heelers have an undercoat, which is one reason why she sheds so much.


1) Once she knows you don’t like kisses, she stops giving them to you.

Case in point, she has stopped licking me.

Yesterday she licked Buddie’s teeth. Probably right after licking his feet.

2) She only barks if she thinks danger is imminent. Truly imminent, not, “There’s the same mail van I’ve seen for days and days. This time it might contain a murderer. I’ll bark to let my humans know.”

3) She loves, loves, loves sticks. To see her smile after she has had a chance to cavort around the yard with a stick…sheer bliss.

4) She’s discovered the joy of laying in the library to watch for critters out front. She has alerted us to a chipmunk, an adolescent bunny, and squirrels.

See that dang squirrel?

Family discussion on Mocha being allowed on the couch went heavily in Mocha’s favor. She voted with all four paws.

For a guy who says repeatedly that he’s a “Cat Guy,” there’s sure a lot of love up in here.

Off we go for walk 253 of 12 million.