If You Build It, We Will Play...

If You Build It, We Will Play...

We are a tech family. Using computers and playing video games are some of the ways we connect with each other and the world, and I’m grateful for Buddie and the children’s knowledge in this realm.

We’ve been tech since back in the Big Yellow House when Monkey would play Reader Rabbit, and Buster was a youngster:


In the latest excitement, and because the VR system is starting to show its age, Buds and the kids dreamed up the latest iteration of computers for our home.

Many new parts were ordered and a plethora of boxes piled up around our kitchen table.

He loves when boxes arrive in the mail.

Buds offered one of the previous computers he and the kids built to a family member, so there was some clean up of that needed.

FYI, a bellows does a fantastic job clearing dust out of a computer. It was quite the dusty cloud flying out of there.

Out with the old.

The build happened over a couple days this week. Two computers move in, one moves out. That math goes poorly in the long run for my desire to fill the house with plants and pets.

The inside of a neat, new computer.

There was a fair amount of frustration yesterday because one of the new computers would not work. Buds finally decided sleeping on the problem would help.

He even put his reading glasses on to try to figure things out:

This morning he got up, unplugged, reconfigured, directed me and my smaller fingers on where he wanted things plugged back in, and…

Red light means good things.

So now he happily tap, tap, taps away, getting the necessary data uploaded and squared away.

In what is a classic irony, and classic Buds, there is one SD drive that Buddie needs to complete one of the computers. He had it a couple days ago and now it’s gone.

It will turn up eventually or maybe it’s off playing Tiny Epic Galaxies…