Mela Moves In

Mela Moves In

We had my friend Shatona’s dog, Boss, with us over last weekend.

Then on Monday, we added Mela to the mix.

A co-worker of Buddie’s is off on a European Adventure for a couple weeks, and we get to have his Australian Shepherd, Mela, stay with us.

The revolving door of dogs caused my sister-in-law to jokingly state this weekend, “So, you’ve opened a kennel?!”

Boss is pocket-sized and very relaxed. He wants to go outside, do his business, come right back in, sit in your lap or by your side.

Mela is a whirling force of nature. She is sweet and soft and very focused.

Thank God we have Bo here to help keep her entertained and running through the yard.

Mela is helping us to be our best selves. We’ve already been outside multiple times today. I’ve been reading about Australian Shepherds and how they need/like to be treated and trained. She’s so loving and cuddly and fun. It’s enlightening to have a more active dog around the house. And she loves having people around all day to hang with and herd.

She was even willing to do yoga with me last night.

More adventures with Mela posts to come.