Such A Saturday

Such A Saturday

This might be a bit like a vision of our retirement.

Normally our Saturdays hold a CrossFit workout in the morning, then some events or plans in the afternoon. This Saturday was unprecedented.

Buds had a sore back due to heavy deadlifts earlier in the week. So, we weren’t going to CrossFit.

The children were all sleeping in due to late nights, hence, it was just Buds and me padding around the house.

We had breakfast, worked on a project, and did yoga together.

It was a very strange and wonderful day.

The afternoon felt normal as the children awakened and wandered around. Then in the evening Buds and I went out to dinner with my cousin and her husband who have recently moved to town. That was great fun, too.

I had to laugh when I read this article in the Wall Street Journal. Sounds like we got for free what others pay hundreds of dollars to find.

I love this life.