Sheep Saga Still Hoofing Along

Sheep Saga Still Hoofing Along

That fantastic ewe has still not been caught.

Nearly 1000 people are following along on Facebook, tens of people have gone out to hunt for her. There have been tracking dogs, people on horses, “lure” sheep from her friends from the flock back home, loads of food and salt licks put out all over, even this guy:

And still she continues to evade it all.

Once or twice a day someone will get a sighting, and we all get so excited.

Here she is just sauntering through a neighborhood:

And thanks to the hundreds of acres of woods in Warner Parks, she’s off again.

She showed up at Boost Fitness today. As if she isn’t already getting enough steps:

And so the hunt continues. There had been a rumor that she found a deer to hang out with, but I haven’t seen pictures of that.

I’m not sure who would have started the rumor?

The deer’s friends who were jealous?

Some bored trash pandas?

We’ll all be very glad when she’s caught and returned to her home farm in Knoxville.

I’ll let you know when that happens.