That's How Our Brains Works.

That's How Our Brains Works.

On our drive home from CrossFit this morning, Buds was telling me about new phone technology that’s becoming available.

He said, “Google has come out with a new (Insert phone name here, something with ‘Pixel’ in the title, I can’t remember.) that people really like. It’s what Caitlin has.”

My response, “You could tell me what phones all our friends have couldn’t you? When was our last fight?”

Brief pause.

“I think it was about a year ago? Or, March maybe?”

After a few prompts, he remembered when it was and what it was about.

It wouldn’t matter how many prompts, I have no clue what kind of phone I have. I certainly have no clue what phone other people have.

My phone after I dropped it in Italy. I still used it. Seeing this picture will make Buds cringe.
Buds and his precious.

Brain games, brain differences. Thank God our brains slot together so nicely.