Adjusting Schedules

Adjusting Schedules

Yessa doesn’t turn into an official teenager until November, but it already feels like we have all teens in the house. In the last months, she and Buster have both been shifting their schedules, turning into night owls. Monkey has also had to adjust into a sometimes early bird because she has an early class a couple days a week, but her natural body rhythm is still night owl.

This means I have been finding myself with several hours of quiet time in the morning. I’m figuring out how to adjust to that.

One of many glories of homeschooling is the gift of time. Learning happens around the clock at our house, and with the children’s ages, they don’t need me right by their side for too many aspects of what they are working on. And when they do need me, we have the whole middle of the day to work together.

I think what I’m finding disconcerting is realizing this is what my life will eventually be, and not just for the morning. It may be that someday it will just be Buds and me. The whole day may be quiet.

I’m not ready for that.

But for now, I’m loving these quiet mornings. I can hear the voice actors from the story that Buster listens to as he sleeps. I can hear the raindrop sounds that Yessa sleeps to. It’s all quiet from Monkey’s room, but I know she’s in there. This feeling of quiet togetherness, I’ll take that.