Ich Habe Ein Awesome Kiddo

Ich Habe Ein Awesome Kiddo

My college roommate, Sheri, chose German as her foreign language in college. She would share the fun phrases with Boyfriend Kevin and me when she would return from class. This is why I know how to say “five thousand five hundred fifty-five” in German. (fünf­tausend­fünf­hundert­fünf­und­fünfzig)

German intrigues me, but has never made sense to me.

For Monkey, it seems to click in her brain in a way the Romance languages just don’t. (Buds found this to be the case when he was a youngster, too.)

What a treat it was for me to hear Monkey during her German tutorial yesterday. Normally she sits in her room for the quiet during her lesson, but yesterday she sat in the kitchen, and I loved getting to hear her speak this language that she loves.

Seeing the growth and strength of this amazing kiddo is such a joy. She’s this fabulous blend of (mostly) her dad, bits of me, and completely herself.

Ich liebe dich, Monkey (Affe.)