The May 2019 D.C. Brownies And Scones Adventure

The May 2019 D.C. Brownies And Scones Adventure

It happened almost on a whim.

We were sitting around at our house with our best Nashville buddies, and in discussing Imani’s enjoyment of her D.C. trip with her class, but also feeling like she didn’t have enough time to enjoy the things she was interested in, we hatched a plan for all 11 of us to head up there together.

“I’m sure Kel and Paula would let us stay with them,” I remember thinking.

And, of course, they were willing, even though though the girls wouldn’t be out of school, they have busy lives, and asking their house to hold 15 people total is asking a great deal.

That trip was in late May, and though I am just getting around to writing it up, here’s a spoiler: It was wonderful and relaxing and so much fun. We’re all still friends, which seems like a high mark of success.

This is largely a love letter to our chosen family. The people that we have found through our shared UU faith, in our church in Fairfax, our church here in Nashville, and that they all now have spent time getting to know each other too. (And Jenny, Brendan, Lu, and AJ, who also made us all feel welcome.)

Now it has been months since this trip happened, and I’m still so incredibly grateful for it.

Thanks, K, P, K, B, and Della, for opening your home and hearts to all of us.

We drove up on a Saturday, in a loose car pool.

My view for much of the trip.
One of our shared stops.
Grabbing lunch together.

On Sunday we all went to UUCF together.

The art exhibit in the sanctuary.
Touring the path out back.

Then a group of us headed to Udvar-Hazy. Kids and I were so excited that Buds would get to see the Pacific Rim Battleships IMAX movie we saw when we were here last.

Sunday night, Jenny and Brendan put on the “World Famous Jenny and Brendan Cooking Show,” which always makes me so happy to watch and savor. Not only did they welcome us, feed us, and make us laugh, we all got to try on Brendan’s weight vest.

I love this woman.
Recreating a beloved childhood photo.

All the adults for one final shot. This makes my heart happy.

The rest of the week was filled with people out having adventures in D.C., surviving the heat the best we could, enjoy our evenings spending time together as we were able, cooking meals for each other, sharing stories, laughing, playing games, and weaving our lives together in new ways.

And coffee. There was a lot of coffee.

All the mugs in a row.

Assortment of photos. The full album may be viewed here.

Buds and Eddie head off to do “Murph.” Lindyne was their support crew.

Reston fun.
Gathered in the backyard.
We all had a CrossFit workout together!

Some much needed shade on a D.C. outing.
When Monkey went to Reston with Buds one day, they found her favorite cookie from when we lived there.
Remembering their childhood.
Games, games, games.
Seeing these people I love getting to visit and laugh together…fills my heart.
More fun at the park.
Super hot day, they decided they should have a race.
Where the heck did this game go?!
Like The Waltons.
Chatting in the evening.

The “Trips.”

Drinks and conversation.
This person. I love her heart and soul.
Our last night out.
Phil’s Dream Pit–Our final stop together of the trip.

Thanks for the fantastic memories, Tribe!

Oh, and the title of this post, “The May 2019 D.C. Brownies And Scones Adventure,” one of the first groups that got groceries bought brownies and scones, and those became the “must have” foods of the adventure. By the end, if we had never seen them again, we would all have been happy about that, but they made for quick snacks and that was just right.