Let's Make Up.

Let's Make Up.

We had had a Mary Kay rep. come to the house to show us how to put on makeup, but Monkey wanted to have another go at learning this makeup skill. She had done online research about where we could go, and we decided the Ulta store near us was a great option.

Victoria was available to go through a makeup tutorial with Monkey, and she was supportive and kind and very, very positive, which helped us both feel comfortable with her.

She and Monkey spent about an hour going over the various product options and practicing applying makeup.

Coloring inside the lines.

With the “full treatment,” Monkey ended up with the type of makeup you’d wear for an evening out or a special event. Victoria showed her how to put on all the things, which was what Monkey was looking for.

She looked extra beautiful, in a way that didn’t feel totally like herself.

She’s finding her way toward a perfect balance; comfortable in her own skin and makeup application for day to day, but with more knowledge about how to dress things up when she chooses to.

A more regular appearance for her.

We were thankful to Victoria for sharing her knowledge with us. It was a fun experience.