The Electrifying Saga Is Complete

The Electrifying Saga Is Complete

Back in November Lou and I flew to Florida to buy a new van.

Over the two months or so, we had the van to drive for about two weeks.

The check engine light lit up soon after we got it home. The light came on repeatedly despite efforts to fix it.

The dealership we found locally to work with while trying to get the van fixed has been fantastic.

Chrysler paid for loaner vehicles for us and we got to try a cherry red Dodge charger, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a non-hybrid Pacifica.

After months and months of conversations and negotiations, yesterday we said good bye to the orange delight that we really liked. It was our first new car since Monkey was born in 2002.

We hardly knew you, but we really liked you.

We signed lots of documents with Missy the transfer agent, and she returned to her home in Kentucky three hours away.

Then we turned to Mike and Glen, signed lots more documents and drove off in our red velvet cupcake hybrid Pacifica.

In a first for us, we picked the exact things we wanted and this van was built to those specifications at the factory. I wished we could have sent a letter to the folks who built it to thank them as they were working on it.

It’s a lovely, comfortable ride.

The timing was perfect so we can enjoy the luxury and amazing safety features on our West Coast driving tour.

We’re excited to see what we can get for mileage on these days of driving, and I love that we are doing a tiny bit for the Earth by driving a hybrid.

Eddie said Buddie looks like the missing Ghostbuster. 😆

Ready to roll.

It’s been a fascinating experience.