New Digs

New Digs

After nearly six years of being embedded with a client, Juice moved into its own space recently. I spent a couple weekends helping put together furniture (along with some of Buddie’s awesome co-workers), but I hadn’t been in the space for several weeks.

Yesterday when I dropped off some supplies, I was so impressed with how the space has come together. It means so much to Buds to have a joyful, interesting space to work in. They are on their way to creating exactly that.

It’s a new building, with living space above. Their office is on the corner of the first floor with a lovely patio space out front.


They have parking both in front and behind the building. After years of walking from a long distance, this is a big perk.

The view from the front door. Open work space with lots of monitors.

A comfortable seating area to the left from the front door:

Looking back toward the front door from down the hallway:

The door on the right in the hallway above is a large conference room:

Several smaller conference rooms for phone calls and private meetings:

In the hallway are some great art pieces.

Buds had a quilt made that has the map of Nashville quilted into it, with a heart marking the new Juice office.

The metal logo art pieces are gorgeous:


A picture we won at our church auction one year.

And a gorgeous kitchen area where many thousands cups of coffee will be brewed in the years ahead.

Looking into the kitchen from the hallway:

The kitchen:

They need to figure out how to make the space less “echoey,” but it already proves to be a joyful space to work in.