Bed Wars

Bed Wars

Our crew of three and Best Buddy Lucia have been engaging in some fierce combat. There’s a Minecraft game called “Bed Wars” and their team of four competes against other teams to destroy each other, which includes destroying the other teams’ beds. “Sleeping” in the bed is how you regenerate, hence the need to destroy the beds.

Buds and I enjoy listening to this paramilitary squad of commandos take out other teams. They are so comfortable with each other, so focused on their goals, and have so much fun, they simply decimate other teams. And when they lose there are groans and squeals and squeaks which are fun to listen to, too.

Late night laughter with Lucia.

A second sort of bed war is happening in our house as well.

I have a long-established habit for how I sleep best. Since I was a child I have loved being surrounded by pillows.

I need four pillows: one special, fluffy pillow under my head; one pillow behind my back for a sense of safety; one pillow between my knees for spinal alignment; one pillow in front as a “huggy pillow.” Buds may sometimes be a substitute huggy pillow.

Waffles likes my pillow fort.

I had also found a very cozy blanket that I was wrapping myself up in at night. With our new king size bed, our old blankets aren’t always large enough for the whole bed, so I had one blanket for me, one blanket for Buds.

The good old days:

Buddie decided this was one cozy, snuggly step too far. He’s grown to accept that I create a pillow fortress around myself each night, but separate blankets?!


Why not just have separate beds?!

I don’t mind sharing a blanket, but here’s the issue:

Buds has a tendency to spin in the bed at night.

It’s like sleeping with Lunette.

Generally not an issue because I just tug on the blanket until I get a part of it back.

Last night brought the inevitable conclusion.

I had been over with a child during the night, and staggered back to our room around 2 a.m.

Buds was laying sidewise in the bed.


It’s a big bed so I could have snuggled into a corner and dropped off to sleep, but as I was contemplating his spread-eagle form with a laughing smile, he moved. Since I wasn’t sure if he was truly sidewise from moving in his sleep, or if he had heard me coming back to the bedroom and he was trolling me, I said, “Really? Is this how we’re sleeping now.”

A very sleepy voice responded, without opening his eyes, “What?”

“You are sidewise in the bed.”

He lifted his head to look around blearily. Flopped his head back onto the bed and said, “Maybe I was searching for you. That’s romantic.”

Back to sleep he went.

Game, set, match to Buds.