Oh, Iowa, You Crazy Minx

Oh, Iowa, You Crazy Minx

Our church auction is coming up, and since Iowa seems to be some sort of test area that gets interesting products that other places don’t, Yessa and I went to the store this morning to make a “Love From Iowa” basket for church.

These may be found elsewhere, but they were new to us:

And, now made with Star Dust:

I’m thinking that’s not FDA approved. 🤔

And yesterday I wandered around at Target since I was getting a little cabin fever.

I discovered a hair emergency.

How Piper should look:

Early pattern baldness Piper:

And back in the old days we had to borrow our cafeteria trays ourselves, right Jana Lu?!

Now you can buy your tray:

Oh, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa.

Insert gentle head shake here.